Put the Spirit of the Child Wellyn to Rest is a side quest in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.


The first time you enter the Athkatla Graveyard, a spirit of a small, halfling boy will walk up to you. He explains that he was murdered, but he cannot rest in peace until he has his teddy bear, Littleman, in his possession again. He says that a man named Llynis was the murderer, and that he abducted Littleman. He asks that you get his teddy bear back for him so that he can finally rest.

Retrieving LittlemanEdit

  • Go confront him and ask for the bear. Depending on the dialogue option you choose, Llynis will either attack you, or hand the bear over peacefully. Either way, you might as well loot his room when he's gone.
  • Return to the graveyard at night and speak to Wellyn again. He will be so happy and will finally be able to rest in peace. The party receives 15,500 XP.
  • Return to Wellyn's grave in the morning and speak to his parents. They will be overjoyed that their little boy can finally sleep peacefully. The party will get an additional 5,000 XP.

This completes the Put the Spirit of the Child Wellyn to Rest quest.