The Quarterstaff +1 is an enchanted weapon. If it's compared with a normal quarterstaff, it does +1 more damage, has +1 THAC0 and a speed factor of 3 rather than 4. Both staves have the same weight of 4 lbs. This weapon is in the Quarterstaff proficiency, with the exception of "classic" Baldur's Gate, where it is in the Blunt Weapons proficiency instead. This item appears in Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate II.

In Baldur's Gate, various enemy magic wielders carry these, including Silke. It can be purchased from Taerom Fuiruim at Thunderhammer Smithy.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

The simplest and humblest of staff weapons, the quarterstaff is a length of wood ranging six to nine feet in length. High quality quarterstaves are made of stout oak and are shod with metal at both ends. This one is particularly special as it has been imbued with magical properties.

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