Raiken is a Blacktalon lieutenant in Baldur's Gate. He is in charge of a small party of bandits that are scouting around Peldvale, able to be found by the protagonist during Chapter 3, immediately after the events within the Nashkel Mines

He is one of two bandits who can be convinced to escort the player and their party to the Bandit Camp as infiltrators, the other being Teven in Larswood. Between the two, Raiken is the more personable and gullible, and upon reaching the camp under the guise of recruitment, there will be an opportunity for the player to converse with the camp's leader Tazok. This will grant the player a couple different options, most likely leading to the successful infiltration of the camp.

Hey there, city folks! So what in the name of Lathander takes you so far from home?

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