Raleo Windspear is a very helpful man about town. You will find him standing in the lobby on the first floor of the Red Sheaf Inn.

If you take the time talk to him, he'll inform you about:

Some of these may result in Journal entries, depending on your game history.


Hail and well met, stranger. I take it you are an adventuring sort? I could tell the moment I saw you. You do not have the manicured hands of the fops we usually get through here. May I have a moment or two of your time?

  • 1:-What can you tell me of Beregost?
What would you like to know? I have met many of the locals and I know a bit of history as well.
  • 1.1:-Any outstanding quests that need resolution? I fancy myself a bit of an adventurer.
An adventurer, eh? Well, if you are up to the task, I hear there are strange things in the Ulcaster School ruins southeast of town. I would nae go down there unless you are quite sure of your abilities though. Many a well-meaning fellow has gone and not come back. Only for those adept in battle. Other than that, I know that the lady Mirianne has been awaiting news of her husband for some time. He was to come up from Amn but is overdue. I know she would be grateful for any news. She lives on the east edge of town if you find anything. Anything else you would like to know of?
(dialog continues, duplicating previous options)
  • 1.2:-What are the concerns of the day? How have the troubles lately affected people?
Hmm? Oh, I suspect you mean the iron shortage? I imagine it has affected the local smithy quite a bit. Taerom is a wonderful blacksmith, but he's got a lot of time on his hands these days. His shop is still reasonably stocked, but I think he's looking for other materials to work on these days. Not sure what that might be, but he's quite adept at exotic materials. Anything else I can help you with?
  • 1.3:-Nothing in particular. Just interested in the sights. Perhaps shopping.
Shopping? Then you must stop by Feldepost's Inn. They have a number of trophy items for sale, some are even magical in nature. Best you bring gold aplenty though; they are not cheap. If you really have coins to spare, I'd suggest going west of the city and seeking out Thalantyr. He has a shop in his keep, though he does not welcome visitors. Trust me, you will want to speak with him immediately if you go there. Wandering about his shop without permission is downright deadly. I think he likes scaring folks a bit. Anything else you need?  
  • 2:-Have you been to the south? I hear tell of trouble in Nashkel?
I have not been down that way for some time now, so I don't have much to say. Likely you will have heard much from others about town anyway.
(dialog continues, duplicating previous options)
  • 3:-Ahh, take a walk. I don't need your company.
As it is in all other things, I must take the good with the bad. For every well met traveler I speak with, there is always a grump such as yourself. I leave you to your solitude, and best that you get used to it.