Rashemen is matriarchal magocracy in the east Faerûn bordered to the south by Thay. The country is famous for its Witches, female spellcasters who serve as leaders of communities and the nation. They form a council that elects the Iron Lord, the nominal leader of the nation, serve as his counselours and have to power to replace him if needed.

Rashemen has a strong tradition of Berserker warriors, which are organized into lodges or fangs. They put valor and bravery above all, but are required to be able to control their rage at all times. Dajemma was a type of coming-of-age tradition for young Rashemi men to travel to foreign lands to see and understand more of the world. A young man sometimes traveled with a witch companion, called a wychlaran.

Rashemi people are at odds with neighbouring Thay, as the Red Wizards of Thay want to conquer the land and enslave its people.

Minsc travels on dajemma with his witch Dynaheir, whom he was expected to serve faithfully. The Thayan-Rashemi relations are reflected in Edwin Odesseiron's plot to kill Dynaheir and the constant antagonizing between him and Minsc.

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