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Red Potions raise the intelligence of the consumer to 25 and gives a magic resistance of 50%, but lowers strength and wisdom to 3. This potion lasts 24 hours. This item appears in Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. It can be bought from a merchant who is one tent at the Carnival. He will try to sell this item once to the party. If the leader refuses, it can't be bought later. The merchant will only sell one potion. The same merchant also sells Violet Potion.

In-game descriptionEdit

Close examination reveals this liquid to be very peculiar in nature. It could be a sorcerors dream, but that would depend entirely on who you asked. After ingesting the mixture, the drinker becomes the weakest, most unwise, yet incredibly intelligent person to have ever lived, with an innate 50% magic resistance as well.  The effects remain for an entire 24 hours, so think carefully before unplugging the cork.

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