Relair's Mistake, also known as the Cloak of the Wolf, is a magical cloak in Baldur's Gate.

Characteristics Edit

This cloak gives its wearer the ability to turn into a wolf at will for a duration of 20 rounds (120 sec). They cannot turn back at will! This happens automatically, after the effects end.

During this time, spell-casting and dialogs are disabled, Strength is set to 18 and Dexterity to 17, and the shapeshifted character deals 1d8 +2 piercing melee damage with a THAC0 modifier of -1 and two attacks per round at a speed factor of 3.

Acquisition Edit

Baldur's Gate Edit

Shadows of Amn Edit

Lore Edit

A great amount of irony surrounds the creation of this magical cloak. Relair was a mage who overestimated the control he had over magic, and in the course of creating this garment he apparently inflicted lycanthropy upon himself. The wearer can change form whenever he wishes. Relair was not so lucky.

Gameplay Edit

This item is handy if: