Renal Bloodscalp is a Shadow Thief, and the head of the Shadow Thieves guild in the Athkatla Docks.

Baldur's Gate IIEdit

In Shadows of Amn, Gaelan Bayle will recommend you go and see Renal if you are a thief. Yoshimo will also recommend you see Renal.

If you do go and talk to Renal, he will give you a letter of transfer and ask you to spy on Mae'Var in his guild to the east of the docks. If you perform the tasks correctly, you will eventually find that Mae'Var is a traitor that is working against the Shadow Thieves, and Renal will then ask you to kill him. After, if you are a thief, Renal Bloodscalp will offer you the position of leader of Mae'Var's former guildhall.