Rescue Raelis and Haer'Dalis from the planar prison is a side quest in Shadows of Amn campaign, it can be started in the Five Flagons Theater once the quest Free Haer'Dalis from Imprisonment by Mekrath has been completed.

This quest is prerequisite for bard's stronghold.

Into the portalEdit

Defend Raelis and her fellow actors while they summon the conduit, as you’re battling quasits, fire elementals and shadow fiends that step through the portal, a Bounty Hunter (enemy) will appear and abduct Raelis’s followers, including Haer'Dalis, after the fight, follow them into the portal.

You’ll arrive at Planar Prison and are immediately welcomed by a group of hunters and thralls, be sure to loot the ground after the fight:

Prison breakEdit

Afterwards Tagget, another prisoner here, will brief you the situation, seems the only way to freedom is to kill the Cambion to the north who runs this place, but it’s too dangerous to face the Warden directly, you should detour to the right, find and kill Master of Thralls, grab the Mastery Orb and toss it into the blazing hot Brazier located just to the right of your starting zone, freeing the thralls will make the confront with Warden much easier. You’ll find various loots along the way:

There’re also fleshy traps which will lead to more cage fights for extra loots and exp, but beware that all ponds will become inaccessible once you destroy the Mastery Orb.

Gameplay Edit

  • You may head directly to where Raelis is held captive, trigger the dialog and complete the quest, provided you survive the deadly traps laid afront which will disappear once the Warden is dead


If Gorion's Ward is a bard with no other strongholds, Raelis will give the permission to let you run the Five Flagons playhouse before her departure.