The Revenant is an undead being in a tomb in the Valley of the Tombs area east of the Nashkel Carnival. He is looking for the Heart of the Golem, the dagger with which he was murdered by a man named Alatos. This dagger has come into the posession of Hentold, outside the tomb, who will give it to you and run away if given the opportunity. You can give the revenant the dagger and then loot the tomb when he has departed, or you can kill him with magic and enchanted weapons to keep the dagger and earn 3000 XP.

Also in the tomb (BG:EE): Potion of InvisibilityPotion of Freedom, 142 gp.


"Dagger! You have the dagger. Give to ME! Now can rest, rest forever…”

  • 1:-Before we give you the dagger, you should give us something in return.
You... will not... give dagger. If you not give dagger... you die…
  • 2:-What dagger are you talking about exactly?
The dagger... of he who murdered me... the dagger of Alatos…
(dialog then proceeds with only the final two options)
  • 3:-Take your dagger and leave us alone, cursed undead!
At last... the dagger…
  • 4:-We're not giving you the dagger. Return to your grave, undead beast!
You... will not... give dagger. If you not give dagger... you die…

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