Riddle of the Imps is a side quest in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.

  • In the City of Caverns, you will run into two imps who want to play a game with you. In return, they will grant you access to a chest which is guarded by the Spectre beholder. You might as well accept and play their game.

The RiddleEdit

The imps explain that there are five famous characters who will give you an item and a clue about which item they are looking for. You must get an item from each character, and then place the item that each hero is looking for in the chest behind them. Beware! The room is trapped like crazy!

The solution is as follows:

Item Needed:

Elminster: Pipe

Khelben Blackstaff: Quarterstaff

Alustriel: Pendant

Piergeiron: Helmet

Drizzt do'Urden: Scimitar

Each party member will receive 18,500 XP.

This concludes the Riddle of the Imps quest.