I am... dying... or dead... I remember not which.

Rielev is a tormented being found contained within a glass tank to keep him 'alive' in Irenicus' Dungeon in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.

Background Edit

Rielev's past is something of a mystery, as his mind is so fractured and tormented that he can barely remember who or what he was before he came to be in his current state. Said current state, however, is another mystery.

It is not clear (even to Rielev) whether or not he is alive, dead or even undead, with Rielev himself stating "I was dying... or dead, I cannot remember", claiming that he was a "faithful hound to the master. A friend, even," though he has now been forgotten in lieu of Irenicus' new line of research.

Related quest Edit

Free Rielev from his life support Edit

The tormented former servant of Irenicu's, Rielev, seeks release from his hellish existence. In exchange, he offers the crystalline power cells to Gorion's Ward and their party to speak to some of the other 'experiments' in the Preservation Chamber.