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Rieltar Anchev is a member of the Iron Throne, a merchant guild in many lands. He leads the Iron Throne branch in the city Baldur's Gate. Sarevok Anchev is his adopted child.

Quotes Edit

When charmed, Rieltar and Brunos will confess as following:

I'm one of the western divisional leaders of the Iron Throne. We are here at Candlekeep negotiating with the Knights of the Shield. We have been creating a misinformation campaign to blame the Zhentarim for all the troubles in the region. We are trying to create tensions between the governments of Baldur's Gate and Amn. With iron being the most important resource in a war, the Baldurian government will have to go to us in order to get any. We have disrupted all iron trade through the region using the Blacktalon mercenaries and the Chill. The only known iron mine in the region is at Nashkel, and we have effectively crippled that mine. We have our own mine operating in Cloakwood. When the Baldurian government comes to us for iron, we will be able to make exorbitant trading demands, and thus become the preeminent trading power in this region.

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