The Victor, also known as the Ring of Energy in BG and BGII, is an enchanted ring that, when used, will shoot a magic projectile at the target, from which there is no saving throw, doing 2d6 points of damage. The ring has 50 charges if fully charged, but rings have often an unknown amount of charges. It can be used in a range of 120' and affects only the target.


In-game descriptionEdit

Ring of energy: 'The Victor'. Crafted by Drow mages of the Underdark, this weapon was used in an arranged battle between two rival houses. Each combantant was allowed to use a single magical item to aid his efforts. This ring was the weapon used by the victor of the contest, though he never laid hands on it. It was worn by his sibling and fired from the crowd, striking his opponent squarely in the back. Everyone witnessing agreed it was a brilliant interpretation of the rules.


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