Ring of Gaxx is a powerful ring which gives the wearer an armor class bonus of 2, a bonus to saving throws of 2, 10% magical resistance, immunity to poison and disease, restores 1 hitpoint every three seconds and the wearer can cast Invisibility once per day and Improved Haste thrice per day. This item appears in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition. It's dropped by Kangaxx, which can be fought at the end of the side-quest Restore Kangaxx's Body. A second ring can be gained if a thief or bard pickpockets Kangaxx in his skeletal form just before the fight.


Ring of Gaxx

This ring is relatively unadorned, but the vile magic within radiates intense evil. Indeed, its creator, Kangaxx, was no less evil himself, even before millennia of undeath honed his power. It is said that a cadre of Netheril mages fought and imprisoned the demilich once, but being unable to truly destroy him they became liches themselves to stand guard over his remains. The construction of the ring may have led to their enmity, as each of the gem's nine facets was supposedly empowered by sacrifice and death.

Gameplay Edit

  • The ring's version of Improved Haste doesn't take the user's level into account and lasts only for 10 seconds, opposed to 3 + 1/level rounds from the spell.
  • The theoretical duration of the ring's version of Invisibility is also shorter than the spell's one, which could last a whole, that of the ring only half a day.