The Ring of the Ram, or Breaker of Castles, is a unique magical ring in Shadows of Amn and Gladiators of Thay.

It can be used to create a ram-like shape once per rest, which does 5 – 30 points of magic damage to the enemy it hits, bypassing their magic resistance.


The Black Pits II: Gladiators of ThayEdit

  • Sold by Imascus in the Black Pits' Market at Tier 2 (×1)

Shadows of AmnEdit

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Also known as the Breaker of Castles, with one word, this ring can unleash fantastic and deadly powers. When it is triggered, a barely discernible ram-like shape billows forth from the ring. This force can potentially knock opponents off of walls, destroy castle gates, or crush enemies, but it is damaging as well in its own right.


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