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Not a true quest (lacking goals, rewards or means of resolution) Rising Tensions with Amn nevertheless appears in your Journal under Quests as you hear significant Rumors from talking to various citizens, buying drinks in taverns and other activities. Quest will never complete. Here are a few of the many rumors you may gather:

In your JournalEdit

  • Triggered By:  Rumors
  • Journal Section: Quests
  • Quest Title: Rising Tensions with Amn
  • Entry Title: Rising Tensions with Amn
  • Entries:
    • Tension seems to be building between Baldur's Gate and Amn.
    • There are some rumors in Beregost about hostilities between Amn and Baldur's Gate.
    • Tensions are growing in the region due to the supposed threat from Amn, though the evidence I've seen is somewhat confused.

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