Rodnim is a commoner who wanders around the entrance to the Ducal Palace in Baldur's Gate North to inform passersby that they will not be let inside. However, in Chapter 7 instead he will speak of how he thinks Sarevok is the right man to be a Grand Duke and as he is the only one that can make a stand against Amn. If you then speak to him again after exposing Sarevok at the Ducal Palace he will say that he is relieved that Sarevok has been found out and that his 'common folk' would have been in trouble otherwise.

Rodnim (Chapter 5): Hey there, pal. If ye're trying to get inside the palace, ye're outta luck. Common folk aren't allowed in there. Grand Dukes don't let no one in, unless there's some sort of special event going on.

Rodnim (Chapter 7, after exposing Sarevok):[Player Name]'s ban of adventurers have saved the city! Seems that Sarevok was trying to kill all the Grand Dukes so that he could take power. Without [Player Name], all of us common folk would be in a heap of trouble.