Roger is a courier in the Red Canyons area south of High Hedge carrying news about growing anger among Amn political elites created by accusations from Baldur's Gate of manufacturing the Iron Crisis.

He will approach and talk to the party, potentially interrupting you mid-battle, to explain why he is too busy to chat, and instantly disappears afterwards.

He is a possible relative of Wilco, carrying a similar message in Ulcaster.

Quotes Edit

It's a shame my line of work doesn't allow for leisurely chats, but it's an important job. Must run the message through, rain or shine or gibberling. Amn grows weary of invasion accusations, and is demanding restitution from the Grand Dukes of Baldur's Gate. This will not sit well indeed! Make way!

Trivia Edit

  • Roger Wilco meaning "received and will comply" was also one of the first voice-over-IP client programs designed primarily for use with online multiplayer video games that was with included in original Baldur's Gate.