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Gender Female
Race Human
Class Thief
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Area Wilderness area with the Lighthouse
Place Near the southern unpaved road
Character Abilities
Strength 13
Dexterity 17
Constitution 10
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 9
Charisma 17

Safana is a chaotic neutral human thief found in the area with the wilderness area with the lighthouse. She will ask the party to help her find some treasure and will join them if they accept it. Safana requires you to aquire the Manual of Bodily Health from Black Alaric's cave in the North-West of the map in which you find her. Afterwards, she will offer to join the group permanently. She always has the following items when joinning the party: a dagger, ten throwing daggers and a studded leather vest.

Her general demenor is flirtatious, sometimes her personality borders on provocative. Safana seems to have an overwhelming confidence in herself as a sexual entity. This is most likely due to her beauty (which many take notice of.)  If the player character dismisses Safana; he or she claims that the party does not need another thief, even if she is completely gorgeous. This is then followed up by the player character's inner monologue reading: "What am I saying?"

  • Safana has "Charm Person" as a special ability - victim must make a save versus spell or be charmed for 100 seconds.

In-game biographyEdit

When asked about her past, Safana spins tale upon tale involving fantastic liaisons with pirate captains, nobles, and royalty of all shapes and sizes. The consistent details seem to be that she grew up in the city of Calimport, surrounded by luxury. Her father was a very influental noble, and though she could have had anything, she apparrently found herself too confided by her father's protective arm. She ran away in her early teens with the help of the first mate of the pirate ship 'Exzesus,' and remained with the crew for several years as they raided up and down of the Sword Coast. Eventually she tried to manipulate the captain and found her self in a lot of trouble, escaping when the ship was at port in Baldur's Gate. She has many stories of her escapades after that, but if there is a grain of truth in them you certainly cannot find it.

Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of AmnEdit

She reappears in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. Safana and Coran have been traveling the Sword Coast together and Gorion's Ward finds Coran at the house in Area Forest of Tethyr. She has been kidnapped by wolfweres and Coran asks the player chracter to rescue her. However, she conspired with the wolfweres to kill Gorion's Ward because she wants to strike up the bounty. Safana is killed by Lanshear the wolfwear, as she had other plans in mind for Coran.


  • "I'll do anything."
  • '"I feel so...sensual."
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