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Safana's Treasure Hunt is not a true quest, and gets logged into the Journal section of your Journal, rather than into the Quests section. It is an encounter in the Lighthouse area that must be completed in order for you to be able to recruit Safana as a permanent member of your party.

Well, good sirs, you may call me Safana. You'll have to excuse me if I sound startled, but in the south where I come from they don't grow their men as big as any of you. Anyhow, if you want, I have a way to make you all fabulously wealthy. In my possession I have a map that gives the location of an old pirate treasure trove. According to the writings on the map, it's where the legendary Black Alaric dumped his treasure before being captured by the Amnian fleets! You interested in hearing more?

Safana will tell you about Black Alaric's Cave in the north-west corner of the Lighthouse area, and ask to join your party to investigate the cave. This will require you to dismiss a party member, but it is not actually required; you can explore and loot the cave without even speaking to Safana before-hand. If you speak to her afterwards, you can invite her to join your party then—you still have to agree to explore the cave with her, which is immediately flagged as done. 


The true reward here, if you are inclined to view it as such, is the ability to invite Safana into your party. All other rewards are simply loot from Black Alaric's Cave that you will find even if you never speak to Safana: Wand of ParalyzationDart of Wounding x10, Cloak of the WolfElixir of HealthAntidotePotion of Infravision, Potion of AbsorptionManual of Bodily Health, 312 gp.

In Your JournalEdit

  • Triggered By: Agreeing to explore Black Alaric's Cave with Safana
  • Journal Section: Journal
  • Quest Title: Safana's Treasure Hunt
  • Entry Title: Safana's Treasure Hunt
  • Entry:
    We have agreed to help Safana recover a treasure from the talons of some type of monster. She was most persuasive when requesting our help. The treasure cove is located somewhere along the coast, just south of Candlekeep.

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