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Salvanas is an elf in the Copper Coronet. If you talk to him and you are female, he will express his desire for you, in which case you can insult him or offer yourself to him. Either way he will leave after dialogue.

If Jaheira talks to him, Salvanas will fall for her but Jaheira will brush him aside, although Salvanas won't leave after the dialogue.

If Nalia talks to him, she will interrupt his flattering by stating that she already knows him (after all, she hangs up in the Coronet) and his charms won't work on her. Salvanas won't leave after the dialogue.

If Aerie talks to him, she will feel uneasy for a moment before stating that Quayle has warned her to stay away from guys like Salvanas and then brush him aside. Salvanas won't leave after the dialogue.

If Viconia talks to him, he will also fall for her due to her dark drow appearance, but Viconia will rudely brush him aside. He will not leave after this dialogue either.

If Edwin talks to him whilst he is polymorphed into a woman, Edwin will both be annoyed and flatted by what Salvanas says. It will in the end result in Edwin attacking him. If you are playing the original Shadows of Amn, the entire place will become hostile.

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