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Samuel the Deserter is a side quest from a Flaming Fist Mercenary on the west side of the Gibberling Mountains area east of the Nashkel Mines (375, 2515, AR5500). He asks you to watch for the Flaming Fist deserter Samuel, and to turn him in if you find him. The Flaming Fist Mercenary will stay there after initial dialogue and only says, "So we meet again. I'm sorry, but I don't have any time for talk." when engaged again. Killing this mercenary will reduce reputation by 10 points, gain only 15 experience points and: 100 gold, plate mail, decorative helmet, small shield, long sword.  

By finding Samuel laying on the ground near Lena (in same map, go east), you can accept to take Samuel on the Manuel and Lena subquest to obtain him in your pack. He is heavy, and will need to be carried back to the Flaming Fist Mercenary on the west side of the map area. You will receive the 50 gold pieces as reward and have no other penalties or rewards.

This is in direct conflict with the more involved (but much more rewarding) Samuel and Lena quest from Samuel's friend Lena, also in the Gibberling Mountains. Only one of these two quests can be completed.

In your JournalEdit

  • Triggered By: Dialog response 3 when talking to the Flaming Fist mercenary
  • Journal Section: Quests, Done Quests
  • Quest Title: Samuel the Deserter
  • Entry Title: Samuel the Deserter
  • Quest Begins:
    A man named Samuel deserted his post, and now the Flaming Fist is offering 50 gold for his capture.
  • Quest Completed:
    After delivering Samuel the deserter to the Flaming Fist soldier, we've collected our reward.

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