The Sandthief's Ring is a ring that offer invisibility to the wearer whenever the wearer needs it. It is sold at the inn in Ulgoth's Beard for a quite hefty sum of gold coins. After the ring's seven charges are used, it is destroyed. In Baldur's Gate II it is dropped by Brennan Risling in the Den of the Seven Vales and by the lich in the Crooked Crane Inn.


Ring of invisibility: 'Sandthief's Ring'. Held by a master thief for the better part of a generation, this ring was put to bold use in the markets of Waterdeep. Working a crowd in broad daylight, the rogue would steal countless numbers of purses from the nobles, replacing them with bags of sand so the theft would go unnoticed. His identity was never known, but the name Sandthief was cursed loudly in its stead. It is rumored he retired, and now lives among the nobles he used to rob.

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