I will be the LAST... and YOU will go first!
Sarevok Anchev is a chaotic evil human Deathbringer[1]. He is the main antagonist in the event of Baldur's Gate and a potential companion in
ToBcampaignThis icon stands for the Throne of Bhaal campaign of both classic versions and enhanced editions


Sarevok is one of the Bhaalspawn, like Gorion's Ward, mortal children sired by the Lord of Murder, Bhaal, during the Time of Troubles as a part of the god's plan to circumvent his prophesied death. He was one of many children who were to be sacrificed by the dead god's priesthood, but the ritual was interrupted by Gorion and a group of Harpers. While Gorion's Ward was rescued by Gorion himself, Sarevok was left to wander and lived as a street urchin. He was later adopted by Rieltar Anchev, owner of the Iron Throne mercantile family, and his wife and raised as their son.

After years of tutoring and encouraging from Winski Perorate, researching the the prophecies of Alaundo, Sarevok became convinced that the prophecy focused on him, by destroying his fellow Bhaalspawn and engineering murder on a massive scale, he will ascend to godhood and assume Bhaal's place as the new Lord of Murder. He conceived his true identity, and was aided in his quest by the Iron Throne, through which he had forged a criminal empire.

Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword CoastEdit

Sarevok concocted a plan to use the Iron Throne and several bandit groups to drive Baldur's Gate and Amn into war,

Sarevok appears as a large, imposing human who frequently wears spiked plate armor and a decorative skull-like helmet with jagged teeth in place of a visor, styled after one of the avatars of Bhaal. He speaks with a low, booming voice and is strong enough to wield a greatsword in one hand. Sarevok is a powerful Deathbringer,[1] proving capable of slaying an arch-mage like Gorion.

Ultimately Sarevok failed to achieve his ambitions. His failed attempt to assassinate Gorion's Ward provoked an unraveling of his plans. Exposed as the true mastermind behind the iron crisis on the Sword Coast, Sarevok fled to a ruined temple of Bhaal beneath Baldur's Gate to which Gorion's Ward tracked him. Sarevok was slain in the ensuing battle.

For more information about the plot, see The Diary of Sarevok.


  • Cythandria - Sarevok's first love
  • Tamoko - Sarevok's true love, she aids him in Gorion's murder, she's then cast away due to different beliefs between the two


Sarevok's combat capabilities differ between Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast. In Baldur's Gate, he is a Level 16 Fighter with a 98% Magic Resistance. Due to his slow gait, he is a straightforward opponent for melee or ranged warriors. However, wizards and priests had no way of bypassing his magic resistance. Even if spells were lucky enough to hit him, they often could not do enough damage to slow him down. Sarevok is immune to the resetting traps in the Temple of Bhaal, so a fleeing player is likely to fall victim to traps during evasive maneuvers.

In Tales of the Sword Coast, Sarevok's magic resistance has been removed, and instead he wears a ring that Hastes him whenever a game is loaded. However, while this Haste is indefinite, it can be dispelled, reducing Sarevok to his BG1 portrayal without the benefit of any magic resistance.

The changes were done to settle confusion over Sarevok's different portrayals: in the prologue cutscene where he kills Gorion, he is shown damaged by Magic Missiles, so players were taken by surprise at his high Magic Resistance during the climax. BioWare realized this made Sarevok too powerful a final boss for wizards considering what was available to them, but they inadvertently made him much weaker with the changes in Tales of the Sword Coast. Players are likely to use Dispel Magic against Semaj and Angelo, making Sarevok an easier target even before considering the TOSC buffs for players.

In the Enhanced Edition, Sarevok and his lackeys are not immune to the temple traps.


I will be the LAST... and YOU will go first! Opening Movie
Run as you will; you cannot hide forever! Unhappy-break
Heh. I do not fear death. Do you? Select1
Killing is our father's work! Embrace it as I have. Select2
Your death is inevitable. Select3
Only the strongest shall prevail. Select4

Dialogues Edit

You're perceptive for an old man. You know why I'm here. Hand over your ward and no one will be hurt. If you resist, it shall be a waste of your life.
I'm sorry that you feel that way, old man.
You and I aren't finished yet, <CHARNAME>. I'll kill you, just as I killed Gorion. The only way you'll ever live in peace is if you kill me first.
You are indeed family. No other could have lived to oppose me in person. Of course, it will not matter in the end. Ultimately, I will prevail, and a new era will be born unto the realms.
Father Bhaal is dead, but the slaughter I will orchestrate shall prove me to be his most worthy successor. It will raise his power from the ashes. The streets will run red with blood when my work is finished!
Fool! I do not wish to RESTORE his power, merely to RAISE it! With the divine blood that flows through these veins, I shall assume control over that which he so foolishly lost! I shall BECOME Bhaal. THAT... is the only acceptable outcome. All that is left is for us to end this in a manner... befitting our heritage. Face me! Face the new LORD OF MURDER! Angelo! Tazok! Reveal yourselves and let's finish this now!

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn Edit

Sarevok returns, in a manner of speaking, as an apparition representing the Wrath of Gorion's ward. The player must fight the ghost of Sarevok in order to complete the Trial of Wrath in the Nine Hells, either by giving into wrath and transforming into the slayer, or by rejecting the power of Bhaal that Sarevok demands you wield and engaging him in combat normally. 

Quotes Edit

So we meet again.
Now I return the favor!

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of BhaalEdit

Recruitment Edit

Sarevok is available to recruit from Chapter 8. Having refused to pass on to whatever afterlife or oblivion might've awaited him, Sarevok spies Gorion's Ward's pocket plane forming and makes his way there. He bargains for a fraction of Bhaal's divine soul to reincarnate him, though he assures that doing so will neither harm Gorion's Ward or Imoen, and he would now be entirely mortal. You can either offer a part of your soul or convince Imoen to do so. Once Sarevok has been reincarnated, he will then share his knowledge about the prophecy and is willing to fight for you.

Relationships Edit

  • Sarevok is destined to exist in the Ward’s shadows even in his afterlife - you may influence his personality, eventually change his alignment by the end of Throne of Bhaal chapters.
    There’re three banters with him throughout the game that prompt the change, should you decide to do so, you may never tell him that you’re going to kill him again during the conversations, nor should you dismiss him cheaply. There’s more than one way to trigger the change, but the following route guarantees it:
    1. ~If Oath is taken~ “So.  I yet remain at your side” > any > “Yes... the oath” > (1) > “I...paid for it.” > (1) or (4)
      ~If no Oath~ “So.  I yet remain at your side” > any > “You have grown in power” > (2) > “You jest” > (3) or (4) > “So you... allow me to” > (4) or (5)
    2. “It appears the seeds” > any > “I once thought” > (3) > “But I *am* evil” > (1) or (2) > “And do you believe” > (1) or (2)
    3. “The end draws closer” > any but the bottom option > “I expect no greatness” > (3) > “But why” > any but the bottom option > “I... don't understand” > (1) to (4) > “After... after all” > (1) > “I... I see” >> alignment switched to Chaotic Good

Technically, if the SarevokChange global variable is 2 or higher by the time Sarevok says “I... I see”, you trigger the change

  • Rasaad - Conflicts with chaotic Evil Sarevok

Gameplay Edit

Compared to his statistics in Baldur's Gate, he has gained 1 point of constitution, 3 points of intelligence and 2 points in charisma, but has lost 2 points of wisdom. His high stats allow you to dual-class him into either a thief or a mage, although dualling any character at such a high level is inadvisable, especially to mages, due to the length of time it would take to level up enough to regain his fighter abilities in this stage of the game.

Because he was killed in the events of Baldur's Gate, he is technically no longer a Bhaalspawn thus doesn't have any special abilities related to the Lord of Murder, but he still retains the skill Deathbringer Assault (SAREVEFF.eff, "NONE" school) from his Deathbringer[1] training, capable of using melee weapons to inflict 200 slashing damage (ignore MR, no save) at 3% chance in addition to normal hit, as well as being able to stun the target for 2 rounds at 10% chance (ignore MR, save vs. Spell at -4 penalty neg), provided the enemy isn't immune to his weapons.

His starting equipment is Two Handed Sword +3, Full Plate Armor +1, 30 bolts +1, 30 bolts of lightning, a Light Crossbow +2 and a helmet. He joins the party as a level 17 fighter.

Biography Edit

When asked about his past, SAREVOK has little to add beyond what you already know. He grew up a homeless urchin in the streets until he was adopted by his foster father into the Iron Throne. He studied the art of intimidation, the cruelest and most brutal styles of combat, in order to become a Deathbringer that could paralyze an opponent in melee through fear alone... as well as sometimes killing the most powerful of opponents in a single, massive blow. Sarevok had an ambition that did not die even when his body did... as you well know now. Sarevok keeps mostly to himself, but at odd moments, you can see him staring in your direction, his face an emotionless mask. Part of you wonders if your brutal half-brother ponders what might have been...

Quotes Edit

Chaotic Good
They are too strong for me. I cannot continue! Morale failure
It appears I made the right decision in joining you after all. Happy
Oh, we should kill something soon. My impatience grows. Unhappy-annoyed
This is hardly what I expected. If this continues, I see little point in my remaining with your group... we are a poor match. Unhappy-serious
I can take no more of this! Do what you must; I can bear your presence no longer! Unhappy-break
This is how it was meant to be. Let no one bar our path. Leader
Enough. I no longer have immortal energies to sustain me. I... tire. Tired
This is what you consider productive use of our time? Do you prefer we stand around like this often? Bored
Feel my unholy wrath! Battlecry1
Death comes for you, feel its icy breath! Battlecry2
Ngh! Damage
Healing! Quickly! Hurt
No! I... I refuse! Dying
Shrubbery, flowers. Weeds, all of it! Forest
Ha! These are all pawns. Pawns collected for the use of whoever knows how to place them on the board. City
There is power to be found in places such as this... Dungeon
In this light, it seems all the insects that prey on the living have retreated to their shadows. Day
*chuckle* Darkness is friend to all with evil intent. Night
Yes? Select1
*What* do you wish? Select2
Sarevok stands ready. Select3
Do not presume. Select4
Show me.


I await your command.


I fear nothing. Action1
So be it. Action3
Consider it accomplished. Select rare1
What if we were to return to Baldur's Gate together? What would people say, do you think? *chuckle*

Select rare2

Die! Critical hit
Bah! Critical miss
This one is invulnerable! Target immune
Pick it up yourself—I'll carry no more. Inventory full
Whatever it had, it's mine now. Picked pocket
I am as unseen as death. Hidden in shadows
My incantations are disrupted! Spell disrupted
It is laid, as directed. Set a trap
Chaotic Evil
We children of Bhaal cannot be stopped! Battlecry1
Ha! This arena I know well! Battlecry3
Nuargh... Dying
I have had enough of... people. They try my patience. City
Beware... darkness is murder's most favored companion. Night

Dialogues Edit

So. You have finally arrived. I have been waiting for you.
Well, if it isn't my dear little sister. Tell me, little one... are you still prancing about pretending that you are a thief? Do you think yourself worthy of carrying Bhaal's blood in your veins?
I live! Flesh and blood and bone! I am ALIVE! Ha ha ha ha ha! I swore I would scratch and crawl my way back into the world of the living... and I have done it!
I urge you not to accept the taint. There is too much folly in such power, as you yourself have taught me. Do not make the mistake... refuse it and live the life you wish.
Do not waver. Were I in your shoes, I would lunge at this opportunity... it is no less than what I died attempting. Take it... grab hold of what you deserve!
So, the fate of our sire has finally come to its conclusion... and the tale has ended perhaps as it should. I look forward to future travels... with you, if you allow.


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