Make haste to complete this quest or you can't keep Mazzy in group.

This is a companion quest related to Mazzy Fentan.


To start it, one must have Mazzy in their party for a couple of days (7-8).

  • At some point Danno Fairfoot will appear and asks Mazzy to return to Trademeet to help her sister who has been poisoned.
  • Go to Trademeet and enter the Fentan home. You will be told that Pala drunk a 'love potion' sold by Wallace.
  • Go to the Market Square in Trademeet and confront Wallace. He will tell you that he got the potion from a young cleric named Barl.
  • Enter the temple of Waukeen and speak your concerns about Barl to Overgold Renwellyn. After he investigates his room, he will summon Barl and confront him with what he found. Barl will attack your group.
  • After the battle, Mazzy will find a potion on Barl's body and you will all return to the Fentan home. Mazzy will use the potion on her sister and Pala will be restored by the potion.