Creatures' Saving Throws scores are used to determine how likely they evade the harmful status effects, as well as lessen the incoming magical damage. The lower the numbers the better.

All creatures' natural ST scores are based on their classes, while dwarfs, halflings, gnomes enjoy additional "Shorty" ST bonus depending on their constitution. ST scores are further lowered by the advancement of creatures' exp levels. Some spells and items will also temperately alter the scores.

There’re five types of ST scores:

  • Paralysis / Poison / Death, which will usually be checked by sources that would inflect poison or inta-death and is commonly used
  • Rod / Staff / Wand score will be checked by wands as a result is more for enemies than to players
  • Petrification / Polymorph will be used when creatures are the targets of sources that will otherwise turn them to stone or change their physical form
  • Breath Weapon will be used to make saves when facing monsters with breath weapons, particularly the powerful blast of a dragon
  • Spell will be checked by a great number of spells and items thus is vital to any creature

When creatures are attempting to make a save, they throw a d20 die, the thrown number is then modified by the ST modifications the source bears, which are within range of -20 to 20 theoretically, eg, Chromatic Orb allows a +6 save bonus, specialist mages’ chosen school spells carry -2 save penalties. The final number, will be compared to the creatures’ current ST scores, if less, they fail the save, if equal or greater, they make the save.

There’re also three types of ST outcomes:

  • Negates - save or else
  • 1/2 - To implement save for half damage for most spells and items, the game divides the total number of dice thrown into two portions, then makes one of them no save, the other savable negation, eg, Potion of Explosions with the description of 6d6 total damage (Save vs. Spell for half) will have one no save 3d6 part and the other save negs 3d6 part. For odd dice numbers, no save portion will always have 1 extra dice over the other, eg, Oil of Fiery Burning whose total is 5d6 (Save vs. Breath for half) will be separated as one no save 3d6, and one save negs 2d6
  • None - No save is allowed by the source

BGWiki writing formats Edit

In hope of causing less confusions for the sake of fellow readers, BGW will list ST changes by writing -n bonus and +n penalty; save vs. at +/- number as +n bonus and -n penalty to better synchronize how ST works in game.

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