The Ninjatō of the Scarlet Brotherhood +3, also called Scarlet Ninja-To +3.


Sold by Joluv inside the Copper Coronet.

In-game descriptionEdit

When a member of the Scarlet Brotherhood kills one of that organization's "great enemies", they are often rewarded with this sword. How this sword made its way from the world of Greyhawk (where the Brotherhood is based) to Faerûn is a mystery. When unsheathed, the ninjatō will glow blood red.


  • Probably because it's a monk exclusive weapon, thieves with Use Any Item may not backstab with it.
  • Similar to Belm, it provides the wielder with an extra attack per round, granted to the character's main hand melee weapon, making it an excellent off-hand choice for dual-wielding thieves.
  • The weapon will not be able to damage others that require +4 or above weapon to hit, as found with a few bosses in Throne of Bhaal. The 6 point of poison damage will apply through Stoneskin and similar effects but not weapon immunity.


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