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The Scarlet Ninja-To +3, also called the Ninja-to of the Scarlet Brotherhood +3, appears in BG2:EE, is a Scimitar+3 and is a one-handed weapon in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. Similar to Belm, it provides the wielder with an extra attack per round, making it one of the best offensive weapon options for druids and thieves. It can overcome the damage immunity of several creatures with a +3 bonus, though it will not be able to damage others that require at least a +4 weapon to hit, as found with a few bosses in Thrown of Bhaal. The 6 point of poison damage will apply through Stoneskin and similar effects but not weapon immunity.

The +1 attack is granted to whichever weapon is in the character's main hand, so this makes an excellent off-hand weapon for a dual-wielding character.

The bonus attack will not allow the cap of 5 attacks per round to be exceeded. Whirlwind Attack supersedes this bonus and is not cumulative. The bonus attack will not grant extra attacks if throwing from the main hand.


Sold by Joluv inside the Copper Coronet.

In-game descriptionEdit

Ninja-to of the Scarlet Brotherhood +3

When a member of the Scarlet Brotherhood kills one of the organization's "great enemies," they are often reward with this sword. How this sword made its way from the world of Greyhawk (where the brotherhood is based) to Faerun is a mystery. When unsheathed, the ninjato will glow blood red.

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