Searching for Balduran's Helmet is a side quest in Baldur's Gate.


The legendary helm of the not less legendary Balduran is allegedly in the possession of an "evil mercenary" who tried to break into a mage's home some years ago. Information about which mage this was is unclear, as the informant contradicts himself and confuses Ramazith and Ragefast,[1] two citizens of the Gate who aren't exactly known for their good deeds. However, the supposed thief and his band got petrified by the owner of that home, and their statues later sold to an art collector in the heart of the city. After retrieving knowledge of the helmet's whereabouts from unknown sources, now most likely dead,[2] our informant, another evil mage, wishes to acquire it …


The task can be obtained from Degrodel, the evil mage, living in a locked (30) house on the southern border of Baldur's Gate's northwestern district, who wants to take advantage of this party, skilled enough to defeat all of his personal guards: two Helmed Horrors, two Doom Guards and three Invisible Stalkers.

However, he's not very patient with the trespassers, and any answer other than asking for instructions will lead to him helping Gorion's Ward to leave this world, supported by four freshly summoned guards.



After announcing 5,000 pieces of gold as the reward, not negotiable, Degrodel equips the party with six scrolls of Stone to Flesh and points them into the right direction: the house west to the fair in central Baldur's Gate – not without a warning that the thought of betrayal alone might be unhealthy.
The scrolls will come in handy, as items cannot be taken from people turned to stone, and how many of those statues exist or which one might be their former leader, is currently unknown.

BG CEdit

After arriving at the heart of the city and a short visit to the fortune teller, who unfortunately can't help with further information regarding the current task, the house of the art collector indeed is found in the street to the west of the fair and next to the Drakon Tavern: just as all houses of renowned noblemen in whole Faerûn should be, it is well labeled as Felonius Gist's Manor.

The owner appears to be about to leave, or he might have heard something when the lock (30) on the left one of two doors was picked. Anyway, standing just behind the entrance, Felonius Gist seems to be too outraged to react on a horde of roustabouts and ruffians storming his estate.

Gorion's Ward now has the option to cement that impression of themselves, and rush on to a collection of five stony figures in the adjacent hall, or to negotiate with Felonius Gist. To remain undisturbed by him requires either 300 gold, a threat of force or some apologies and the promise to leave – otherwise he will summon two guards and flee.

Note: To avoid Felonius Gist completely, the also locked (30) right door to his manor can be used.

Whatever the decision – passing the nobleman and moving to the building's northwestern wing will show the five figures, well arranged along the walls. Judging by their appearance, they seem to represent – from left to right – a human fighter, a human mage, an elven fighter, a heavily armored second human fighter and another medium armored one. The elf in the middle, the one in Plate Mail in the corner of the room, probably might be their leader and the person of the most interest.

When you cure Vail, the leader of the party from petrification, he asks why you have cured him. From this point you can either try to kill him and his party as he doesn't want to give his helmet voluntary or you can let him go. If you let him go, he will grant you ownership of the Cloak of Balduran, which now in the possession of Quenash, a prostitute who lives in the Undercellar.

Quenash questions your acquaintance with Vail and you must answer her question correctly. If you do so, she will give up the cloak and you can question her where the Helmet of Balduran is. She will say that Vail has hidden the helmet in some inn with the name of the items.

You can find the helmet behind a trapped painting on the back wall of the second floor of that inn. After you have found it, you can either sell the helm and complete the quest or keep it for yourself. Also you can give the helmet to Degrodel and then kill him, with no reputation loss, to get the helmet back. This latter option is satisfying as, even if you give him the Helm, he'll summon some Doom Guards and Helmed Horrors, and then cast Shadow Door to leave. A good way to kill him is using the Haste spell, Arrows of Detonation and the Fireball spell, which also damages the Doom Guard, Invisible Stalkers and Helmed Horror.


Pre quest
  • -300Goldpieces for gaining allowance into Felonius Gist's Manor or
  • 30 XP for killing two Flaming Fist Enforcers at the same place
  • 4 more Stone to Flesh Scrolls, if only Vail is revived


After obtaining the quest

We're to do a service for a wizard named Degrodel. He wants us to find the helm of Balduran. It can be found on the petrified bodies of a group of adventurers. The bodies are currently in the possesion[sic] of an art dealer who lives in an estate just west of the fair grounds. We can find Degrodel in an estate in the north west part of the town.



  1. Degrodel's dialogue: "[…] to break into the home of Ramazith. […] Ragefast didn't know this at the time and so, after turning them all to stone, […]"
  2. Degrodel's dialogue: "How I came by this information is unimportant. Suffice to say, no one but I know of this […]"