AR2100BG1worldmap Cloakwood Nest is one of the areas from the World Map.

The Second Cloakwood, also known as Cloakwood Nest, is an area in Baldur's Gate.

Web Traps abound. Even Spiders, which are so weak compared with other enemies of the same XP, can easily kill characters that cannot defend themselves. One way to avoid traps is to retreat slightly from any encounter, forcing the creatures to come to you, rather than you pursuing them into a trap.

Survival in this area, particularly in the spider nest, will likely be difficult without a decent supply of potions such as Antidotes or Elixir of Health.

Spider's Bane, a two-handed sword +2 with permanent Free Action effect (immune to Web, Slow, etc), is a reward from Tiber's quest Spiders in the Cloakwood.

There is Rashad's Talon , a +2 scimitar, on the bottom southeast peninsula.
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Tiber is at 4650, 1200. The spider cave entrance is at 1830, 1150, in which are two Sword Spiders, some Giant Spiders, two Ettercaps and the spider queen Centeol, herself 1000 XP. Caught in the web are Chelak's Body, the sword Spider's Bane, a cursed ring and a Wand of Frost.