Second Journal of Jon Irenicus is a book written by Jon Irenicus. This is shortly after his body has absorbed the soul of Gorion's Ward. It can be found in the Spellhold, but it's not known where it can be found precisely.


Victory! I am restored! Gorion's Ward has given exactly what I needed, exactly as I demanded, and now I see where Bodhi has found such fire! I feel the essence of the gods within me! Damn Ellesime's curse for the weak minded spell that it was; now I am free. Gorion's Ward did not make proper use of the heritage given him / her.

Now comes the time of retribution. I will not allow such a crime to go unpunished. The audacity of Ellesime, claiming my punishment was just, and the hypocrisy of 'my' people, accepting such an act while decrying mine. I will not let this rest. I will take what I intended, and those that would stand before me will fall as they should. Today is a much better day. I will act at my leisure.


  • <CHARNAME> from game files has been replaced in the text with Gorion's Ward, which is the name for the player character.

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