Seek Out and Investigate the Fallen Paladins is a side quest in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. It can be started as early in chapter 2. You cannot get this quest if your reputation is 9 or below.


  • Sir Ryan Trawl in the High Hall of the Radiant Heart in the Temple District will ask you to investigate a group and gain their trust. You must kill their leader and his followers. The fallen paladins are under command of Anarg.
  • In the east corner of the Athkatla Bridge behind Balthis Estate, you will see a group of the fallen paladins, led by Reynald de Chatillon, fighting a group of thieves.
  • Aid the fallen paladins. Reynald will thank you will ask you to retrieve Anarg's Cup from the High Hall of the Radiant Heart in order to gain their trust.
  • Return to the High Hall of the Radiant Heart in the Temple District and convince Sir Ryan Trawl that you need Anarg's Cup to gain Anarg's trust. He will give you the cup reluctantly and will ask that you return it when you have dealt with the paladins.
  • Return to Reynold with the cup and he will summon Anarg. Anarg already knows that you are working for the Radiant Heart. Defeat him and the other fallen paladins.
  • Speak with Sir Ryan Trawl in the High Hall once more to return the cup and report your success. He will give you the Gloves of Healing and 122500 xp as a reward.

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