Selaad Gan, known in his human disguise as Mendas, is a Werewolf who will try to hire Gorion's Ward and party for a "knowledge-recovering" mission. In reality, the mission is a cover up for delivering a method of escape to his clan of lycanthropes trapped on an island in the Sea of Swords. His home is located near the docks in the southwestern part of Ulgoth's Beard.

I must be speaking to you. Listen...please.

Sub questEdit

In order to begin this "knowledge-recovering" mission for Mendas, Gorions' Ward will first have to travel to the Merchants' League Counting House located in northeast Baldur's Gate. Inside on the second floor is Captain Tollar Kieres who is preparing to set sail and is in possession of the sea charts that Mendas wants you to "obtain".

Dialogue Edit

  • Approaching him in an un-greedy manner, offering the opinion that "knowledge is a worthy pursuit," opens up two additional opportunities in Ulgoth's Beard to gather information: after leaving Mendas's home, Calahan will address the party, and Dushai can be paid for her knowledge.