The Athkatla Sewers are a series of tunnels below Athkatla's Temple District.

The sewers have a star-like, or rather a wheel-like shape, with eight "spokes" crossing one other in the center, where a hostile Rakshasa and its Goblin allies reside.

The northeastern and southeastern exits both lead to the Temple District while the northwestern exit goes deeper to the Old Tunnels. Two secret doors can also be found in the northern part of the map, one leads to Mekrath's Laboratory and the other to the Mind Flayer's Lair and Ghoul Town.

Along the Northernmost "spoke" is a group of adventurers you can either talk out or fight. This party includes a cleric, a mage and two fighters, one of whom uses throwing axes to a good effect. The enemy mage will protect himself with Mirror Image and Stoneskin and will open battle with crowd-control spells like Horror and Chaos. Prepare for a tough fight.

Creatures Edit

Companions Edit

  • Keldorn Firecam - Keldorn is a lawful good Inquisitor and a possible companion and will join the party during the Find and Destroy the Cult of the Unseeing quest. He can be found in the Northwestern portion of the map, near the passage to the Old Tunnels.

NPCs Edit

  • Roger the Fence - a merchant and a member of the Shadow Thieves. As his name suggest, he is a fence and will buy stolen goods. Unlike most other fences, Roger is available day and night. He will also ask the party to kill a pestering troll for him.

Notable lootEdit