When Shapechange is cast, the wizard is able to assume the form of a powerful creature.


With this spell, a wizard is able to assume the form of a powerful creature (mind flayer, iron golem, greater wolfwere, earth elemental, fire elemental, or giant troll). The spellcaster becomes the creature he wishes and has almost all of its abilities. Thus, he can change into a mind flayer to stun his opponents and then become an earth elemental to crush his foes. These creatures have whatever Hit Points the wizard had at the time of the shapechange. Each alteration in form requires only a second, and no system shock is incurred.

Where to obtain its scrollEdit

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of BhaalEdit

Shapechange Forms Edit

Creature Name Str Dex Con Notes
Earth Elemental 19 9 9
Fire Elemental 9 9 9 Resist Fire 100%
Giant Troll 18 20 9 Fast Regen
Greater Wolfwere 19 19 16 Regen, Immune to Normal Weapons, Resist Fire, Electric, Cold, Acid 50%
Iron Golem 24 9 9 Immune to Normal Weapons, Resist Fire 125%, Immune to Electric,Cold, Acid, Magic
Mind Flayer 10 10 9 Psionic Blast 1/day, 5 Int Drain on hit, Chance of Instant Death on Hit


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