Shield Amulet is an amulet which has 50 charges when fully charged. When a charge is used it will set the armor class to 4 and offers +2 protection against missile weapons, similar to the spell Shield.

In Baldur's Gate, this amulet sold by one of the merchants at the Carnival. It is also dropped by Karoug on the 4th level of the Wandering Eye.


This Amulet can be activated by a simple command word and a touch, with each use acting as one charge. The effect is a duplication of the 1st-level wizard spell Shield. For the duration of the spell, the wearer will have a base Armor Class of 4 and a further +2 Armor Class bonus vs. missiles. The wearer also becomes immune to the spell Magic Missile for the duration. This is cumulative with any modifiers due to shields and magical devices.