The Shop of Silence is a store which sells equipment for thieves mainly, but they can be used by other classes as well. The shop is found in Baldur's Gate East near the eastern wall, close to Elfsong Tavern. The shop owner is called Silence. You can also get a peasant room by paying 5 gp only once, but you can use the peasant room for an unlimited amount of times.

Walk yourself slowly in, and keep your arms at your sides. This is no inn and you get no smiling welcome. I expect payment for your safekeeping, and you pay by the day and by the head! The risk I take harboring you low-grade hooligans is simply not worth it. 5 gold up front now, if you please.

Silence, when you first meet

Your NPC reaction is very important here. If it is 1-7, Silence will demand you leave and attack you if you refuse to listen. If your NPC reaction is 8-14 you will have to pay 5 gp to look at her goods otherwise she will summon a guard to attack you. If your NPC reaction is 15+ there should be no problems.

In the original Baldur's Gate she won't accept stolen goods, but in BGEE she will buy them.

Shop of Silence


Item name Stock Price
Dagger 10
Leather Armor 5
Sling 5
Bastard Sword 5
Long Sword 5
Short Sword 5
Studded Leather Armor 5
Studded Leather Armor +1 1
Leather Armor +1 1
Cloak of Protection +1 1
Dart +1 50
Dart of Stunning 30
Sling +1 1
Potion of Master Thievery 10
Potion of Agility 7
Bullets x20 Infinite
Bullets +1 x20 Infinite
Bullets +2 x20 Infinite

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