The Shop of Silence is a store, run by Silence in Baldur's Gate.

Silence sells equipment mainly intended for thieves, but most of the items can be used by other classes as well. In the Enhanced Edition he is also a fence, buying stolen goods. In his "Sanctuary", as he calls the shop, Silence also offers resting for peasants. The store is found in Baldur's Gate East at the eastern wall, just south of the unnamed tavern at the front gate.


If Gorion's Ward is welcome here or not, strongly depends on the reaction from Silence.

Only a party he's looking friendly at (reaction >14) has full access to his store without further restrictions.

Night children wayward, are you? Well, you are welcome here so long as you keep your manners about you. There is a cost for each head kept safe, but I do not feel like charging today. Please, rest a while with no worries.

On the other end, if the party is seen as hostile by him (reaction <8), Silence will them demand to leave and eventually attack after a short time waiting.

This be your one warning! Walk ye slowly back out with your hands where I can see 'em! You twitch an eye and you're a fine red mist, instead o' the thick sludge you are now! Sanctuary ain't open to just any pig-stealin' knicker!

All neutrally seen parties have to pledge 5Goldpieces to get access to Silence's wares and room, otherwise a guard will be summoned to defend the Sanctuary.

Walk yourself slowly in, and keep your arms at your sides. This is no inn and you get no smiling welcome. I expect payment for your safekeeping, and you pay by the day and by the head! The risk I take harboring you low-grade hooligans is simply not worth it. 5 gold up front now, if you please.

This is a onetime check, and the outcome determines Silence's future reaction. The neutral seen party always has to pay the 5Goldpieces, while with the friendly reaction they are welcome every time.


Item In stock
Dagger 10
Leather Armor 5
Sling 5
Bastard Sword 5
Long Sword 5
Short Sword 5
Studded Leather Armor 5
Studded Leather Armor +1 1
Leather Armor +1 1
Cloak of Protection +1 1
Dart +1 (5) 50
Dart of Stunning (5) 30
Sling +1 1
Potion of Master Thievery 10
Potion of Agility 7
Bullet (20) Infinite
Bullet +1 (20) Infinite
Bullet +2 (20) Infinite