The Signet Ring is the property of a dead noble who was a daughter of house Sashenstar. It is found during the quest Missing Citizens and is required to get an extra 500 GP bonus as part of the quest reward. It also leads to a search for the noble's body which yields another sizable bonus of 2500 GP.

Aside from being a quest item, it has all the attributes of a normal Ruby Ring and will be taken by Brun along with other Ruby Rings if it is in the player's inventory when they help him out financially. It can also be sold on purpose or by accident. It has been suggested that Scar will accept other Ruby Rings in place of the signet ring should it be lost but this has not been tested.

If you are playing BG:EE 2.0 or higher, this item is called Sashenstar's Ruby Ring. It now drops from the Ogre mage, and cannot be swapped with a normal Ruby Ring for the quest reward and extra 3000gp. There are no longer female bodies in the sacs to return along with the ring. The new item code is "RING19MA"


This is a signet ring inset with a ruby.