Silence is merchant from Baldur's Gate East. She offers both equipment and rest in her store, the Shop of Silence. She can be killed without penalty.

Silence NPC BGEE2


I've crossed this realm time and again, and I am thoroughly convinced that many a fight could have been avoided if the combatants simply had a good night's sleep aforehand. Sanctuary be not so much for hiding as it is for resting nervous bones. 'Ere there, a word wit' you I would have. House rules you be needin' to know. This here be Sanctuary, and Silence be our patron saint. You do anythin' to harm either, an' every thief, assassin, and scoundrel within 1,000 leagues will want ye dead. I dunno the magics that keep this place secure, but 'taint nowhere else where a night-sneak can sleep sound. It's neutral ground, and you leave your fightin' outside. Be on yer best behavior, 'cuz banishment for life is the nicest punishment Silence knows.

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