Silke Rosena is an arrogant, allegedly talented musician and entertainer. She manipulates people and regularly goes back on her word.

"Greetings mercenaries, I am Silke, thespian extraordinaire.

Side questsEdit

The Silke DilemmaEdit

Gorion's Ward and their party are hired by Garrick to defend his employer, Silke, from some 'Thugs'.

If you decline to attack the thugs you'll have to fight Silke. As the fight begins, she casts Improved Invisibility on herself, then turns to offensive spells, including:

This is probably the only battle in the game where the evil party runs away after attacking.

Killing Silke preemptively does not affect your reputation, but you will be unable to recruit Garrick and will not receive a potion of defense from the 'Thugs'.

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