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Silver Dagger - Werebane is an enchanted dagger, which has a +1 enchantment. It has bonus +4 to THAC0 and damage when fighting lycanthropes. The weapon is in Baldur's Gate in the small swords proficiency. In the enhanced edition, it's weapon from the dagger proficiency. This item appears in Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.  It's found at Lycanthrope Island in the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack.

In-game descriptionEdit

Silver dagger - Werebane: This +1 dagger acts like a +4 dagger vs. lycanthropes. Dynata Goldenhand, an elven ranger who wished to rid her homeland of its were-jackal problem, forged the dagger. She was killed by a tribe of orcs in the Greypeak Mountains as she tracked the were-jackal leader.

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