Sir Sarles is an extremely talented (though very arrogant) sculptor visiting Athkatla at the time Gorion's Ward and their party arrives in the city.


The temples of Lathander, Helm and Talos are all eager to commission him to create a sculpture to honor their patron deity, but the arrogant sculptor finds the priests tedious and is reluctant to work. To this end, he has demanded he be given the very rare medium of illithium ore to work with, and he will only work for the temple that can provide him with the requisite material.

Side questsEdit

Gain the Services of Sir Sarles for the TempleEdit

You can aid Sir Sarles' efforts on behalf of the temple of your choosing. Depending on your actions, he will either create a sculpture for the temple or be offended by offering him the illithium alloy instead of the raw ore and leave Athkatla; however, the head cleric of the temple will mistake the molded mass of iIllithium alloy for a doctrine-compatible sculpture and happily display it instead.

During his stay in Athkatla, he resides in the Jysstev Estate in the Government District.

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