Sister Garlena is a Knight of the Vigil whose task, along with the other knights, was to keep the 'Imprisoned One' trapped in Watcher's Keep. She also planned with the other knights to not maintain the captivity of the Imprisoned One, but to also imprison another dangerous creature - Gorion's Ward.

After speaking with Odren outside of Watcher's Keep, you will be able to purchase a variety of stock from her.


Item icon Item name Stock Selling price (rep =3) Selling price (rep =8-14) Selling price (rep =20)
Icon Dart Dart (x10) 4
Throwing Dagger item icon BG2 Throwing Dagger (x5) 5
Throwing axe icon Throwing Axe (x5) 2
Arrow item icon BG2 Arrow (x20) Unlimited
Arrow +1 item icon BG2 Arrow +1 (x10) 5
Bolt item icon BG2 Bolt (x20) Unlimited
Bolt +1 item icon BG2 Bolt +1 (x10) 5
Bullet item icon BG2 Bullet (x20) Unlimited
Bullet +1 item icon BG2 Bullet +1 (x10) 5
Potion of Healing item icon BG2 Potion of Healing 3
Potion of Extra Healing item icon BG2 Potion of Extra Healing 10
Potion of Heroism item icon BG2 Potion of Heroism 3
Potion of Infravision item icon BG2 Potion of Infravision 5
Potion of Strength 5
Grease Icon Scroll Grease 3
Armor spell icon Armor 3
Burning hands icon Burning Hands 3
Charm Person Icon Scroll Charm Person 3
Color Spray Icon Scroll Color Spray 3
Blindness Icon Scroll Blindness 3
Friends Icon Scroll Friends 3
Protection From Petrification Icon Scroll Protection From Petrification 3
Identify Icon Scroll Identify 3
Infravision Icon Scroll Infravision 3
Magic Missile Icon Scroll Magic Missile 3
Protection From Evil Icon Scroll Protection From Evil 3
Shield Icon Scroll Shield 3
Shocking Grasp Icon Scroll Shocking Grasp 3
Sleep Icon Scroll Sleep 3
Chill Touch Icon Scroll Chill Touch 3
Chromatic Orb Icon Scroll Chromatic Orb 3
Larloch's Minor Drain Icon Scroll Larloch's Minor Drain 3
Blur Icon Scroll Blur 3
Detect Evil Icon Scroll Detect Evil 3
Detect Invisibility Icon Scroll Detect Invisibility 3
Horror Icon Spell Horror 3
Invisibility Icon Scroll Invisibility 3
Knock Icon Spell Knock 3
Know Alignment Icon Scroll Know Alignment 3
Luck Icon Scroll Luck 3
Resist Fear Icon Scroll Resist Fear 3
Melf's Acid Arrow Icon Scroll Melf's Acid Arrow 3
Mirror Image Icon Scroll Mirror Image 3
Stinking Cloud Icon Scroll Stinking Cloud 3
Strength Icon Scroll Strength 3
Web Icon Scroll Web 3
Agannazar's Scorcher Icon Scroll Agannazar's Scorcher 3
Ghoul Touch Icon Scroll Ghoul Touch 3
Vocalize Icon Scroll Vocalize 3
Clairvoyance Icon Scroll Clairvoyance 3
Dispel Magic Icon Scroll Dispel Magic 3
Flame Arrow Icon Scroll Flame Arrow 3
Fireball Icon Scroll Fireball 3
Haste Icon Scroll Haste 3
Hold Person Icon Scroll Hold Person 3
Invisibility, 10' Radius Icon Scroll Invisibility, 10' Radius 3
Lightning Bolt Icon Scroll Lightning Bolt 3
Monster Summoning I Icon Scroll Monster Summoning I 3
Non-Detection Icon Scroll Non-Detection 3
Protection From Normal Missiles Icon Scroll Protection From Normal Missiles 3
Slow Icon Scroll Slow 3
Skull Trap Icon Scroll Skull Trap 3
Vampiric Touch Icon Scroll Vampiric Touch 3
Dire Charm Icon Scroll Dire Charm 3
Ghost Armor Icon Scroll Ghost Armor 3
Confusion Icon Scroll Confusion 3
Fireshield (Blue) Icon Scroll Fireshield (Blue) 3
Stoneskin Icon Scroll Stoneskin 6
Ice Storm Icon Scroll Ice Storm 3
Improved Invisibility Icon Scroll Improved Invisibility 3
Minor Globe of Invulnerability Icon Scroll Minor Globe of Invulnerability 3
Monster Summoning II Icon Scroll Monster Summoning II 3
Animate Dead Icon Scroll Animate Dead 3
Cloudkill Icon Scroll Cloudkill 3
Cone of Cold Icon Scroll Cone of Cold 3
Monster Summoning III Icon Scroll Monster Summoning III 3
Shadow Door Icon Scroll Shadow Door 3
Emotion-Hopelessness Icon Scroll Emotion: Hopelessness 3
Greater Malison Icon Scroll Greater Malison 3
Otiluke's Resilient Sphere Icon Scroll Otiluke's Resilient Sphere 3
Spirit Armor Icon Scroll Spirit Armor 3
Polymorph Other Icon Scroll Polymorph Other 3
Polymorph Self Icon Scroll Polymorph Self 3
Domination Icon Scroll Domination 3
Hold Monster Icon Scroll Hold Monster 3
Chaos Icon Scroll Chaos 3
Feeblemind Icon Scroll Feeblemind 3
Protection From Electricity Icon Scroll Protection From Electricity 3
Reflected Image Icon Scroll Reflected Image 3
Breach Icon Spell Breach 2
Pierce Magic Icon Scroll Pierce Magic 1
Lesser Restoration Icon Scroll Priest Restoration 5
Stone to Flesh Scroll Icon Scroll Stone to Flesh Scroll 5
Icon Dart +1 Dart +1 (x10) 4
Firetooth item icon BG2 Firetooth +4 1
Short Sword of Mask item icon BG2 Short Sword of Mask +4 1
Gem Bag item icon BG2 Gem Bag 1
Potion Case item icon BG2 Potion Case 1