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Skie Silvershield is a True Neutral human thief and can be found at Entar Silvershield's Estate in Baldur's Gate.

If Eldoth is not in the group when the player talks to Skie, she will think the worst of the party, and flee, never to return. As with all teams, if one leaves, so does the other. But Skie approaches the party after leaving the way some characters do when they have been left for a long time; with a request to rejoin.

As with all teams, there is a way to break them up; simply send one into a building the party is not planning on returning to, and then kick them from the group.

In the Blade and Stars inn in Baldur's Gate Southeast, Elkart on the ground floor normally tells the party to take a hike, but if Eldoth and Skie are in the party, he can be blackmailed every twentyfour hours for 1000 GP each time. The eighth time he gives the money and a Flaming Fist guard appears.

In-game biographyEdit

When asked about her past, Skie bubbles that she is the daughter of Entar Silvershield, one of the Grand Dukes of Baldur's Gate. Her admittedly sheltered life has consisted mostly of learning ballet, history and languages. Being exceptionally agile she has become a very proficient dancer, though this natural dexterity has mainly allowed her to better sneak off on sojourns away from the estate. She says she finds the nastier areas of Baldur's Gate exciting, though she seems naive about the dangers. On one of her escapades she met up with the debonair Eldoth, and thinks that he can help her live the life of adventure that she craves. She trusts him implicity, perhaps too much so.


Skie acts as a spoiled rich brat and will keep whining about her hairdo and manicure during her time in the party. She seems quite delusional and poorly prepared for the life of adventuring. Her choice of "friends" is also questionable, as in spite of her devotion to Eldoth, he seems more interested in the ransom money than in Skie herself.


  • "Can I help you?"
  • "I broke a nail"
  • "My feet hurt"
  • "I've mussed my hair"
  • "I have a cold"

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