Skydrop Gems are valuable gems in the game which may be found. This item appears in Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition.


Skydrop is the common name given to clear or lightly colored tektite material; fragments of glass of celestial (meteoric) origin, found in the vast shifting sands of Anauroch and other deserts.


Baldur's GateEdit

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnEdit

  • In the crate in the room after coming down the stairs in the basement of Mae'Var's Guildhall.
  • In the barrel in the training room with Anishai on the second floor of Mae'Var's Guidhall.

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of BhaalEdit

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced EditionEdit

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced EditionEdit