Slayer Form allows Gorion's Ward to transform into a unique, monstrous entity called the Slayer, which is derived from the divine avatar once possessed by Bhaal himself.

The special ability is acquired in chapter 4 of the Shadows of Amn campaign and possessed by default when starting Throne of Bhaal. It replaces all dream abilities from Baldur’s Gate 1

Acquisition Edit

After the party have entered Spellhold, Irenicus reveals himself and strips and traps the Ward's soul, costing other Bhaalspawn abilities previously gained from dream, but giving the essence of Bhaal within chance to grow stronger. As the party are leaving the maze of testing, an attack by Bodhi triggers a transformation in which Gorion's Ward becomes the slayer and attacks Bodhi - and then turns on the party, only revert to normal after a minute or two.

The first time party rest after the first transformation, the Ward will wake spontaneously and transform again, attacking the party before reverting to normal.

Sleeping after this will cause the Ward to experience a dream. When awaken, the Ward will possess the power to transform to and from the Slayer at will.

Effects of the Slayer changeEdit

Advantages Edit

Disadvantages Edit

  • Reputation reduced by 2
  • Spellcasting is disabled
  • Takes 5, 10, 25, 50, finally 1500 magical damage each round after 20 seconds of remaining in Slayer

Gameplay Edit

  • You may still use items, thieving skills, including backstabbing and all abilities, including spell sequencers, from special abilities menu

Ascension (mod)Edit

The Ascension mod, by Throne of Bhaal's design director David Gaider, includes an option to improve the Slayer Form, causing it to grow more powerful as the player increases their total XP exceed 2 million, 4 million and 6 million, plus the potential to eventually let the Ward transform into the Ravager, a more powerful form of the Slayer, while maintain the choice to transfer into both.