The Sling of Unerring Accuracy (Sling of Unerring Accuracy +1 in-game) is a sling weapon added in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.

This weapon adds a +2 bonus to attack rolls. It has the same speed factor as a regular sling. It can be found in a locked chest on the second floor of the Splurging Sturgeon and can be purchased from Black Lily in the Thieves' Guild in Baldur's Gate East.

In-game descriptionEdit

Dandifox was one of the greatest heroes of the hin, the small people also known as halfings. From the concealment of forest arbors he would attack rich caravans for a "tithe" which he then distributed among the local poor. The heroic robber finally met his end on the point of a guardsman's spear, but not before the constabulary had learned to fear and hate his infallible aim.

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