Slythe (pronounced sly-th, not sly-thy) is one of two assassins hired by Sarevok to kill Duchess Liia Jannath, Duke Belt, and Duke Entar Silvershield in the seventh and final chapter of Baldur's Gate. He can be found in the Undercellar with his wife and partner Krystin. They are supposed to meet a group of Doppelganger assassins at a sewer entrance that leads to the Ducal Palace on the night of Sarevok's coronation, slip into the party, and wait for the moment to strike. Killing Slythe and Krystin will not stop Sarevok's plot but it does gain the player an invitation that will allow them to attend Sarevok's coronation.

Slythe has a ring of Blur equipped though it cannot be looted from his body. The ring causes all attacks against him to suffer a -3 penalty and gives him +1 to saving throws. Slythe also has a Ring of Free Action which prevents him from being entangled or having his movement hampered in any way. This ring cannot be looted either.

Quests Edit

Baldur's Gate Edit

  • The Rise of Sarevok

Quotes Edit

Well, well, well, dear. What have we here... blade fodder?
You'll reach the hells before Krystin.

A Letters From Slythe to Sarevok. Edit

I have received your letter and am quite overjoyed by your proposition. I have told my wife, and she is as excited as I am. I accept your mission and think that your payment is very adequate. This will be our greatest feat yet! To kill three Grand Dukes of Baldur's Gate! We will be arriving in Baldur's Gate within a week, and should be taking up our usual residence at the Undercellar. If you wish to contact us, you will find us there. Use the access points through the sewers.

Joyfully yours, Slythe.

I must say that our first victim was not the challenge that my wife and I had expected. The foppish idiot had only the most token of defense. However, I can assure you that Entar screamed quite deliciously all the way to the end. I hope that this next mission is much more difficult; from what you have told me it would seem to be. Assassinating two Grand Dukes in their own palace, while they harangue the high nobles of Baldur's Gate no less! I can't wait! You still know where to find us. You should come down and enjoy the pleasures of the Undercellar for yourself; but if I know you, that'll never happen.

Your obedient servant, Slythe.