One of the largest temples in the Sword Coast, the Song of the Morning dominates the surrounding landscape.

The small vestibule outside can be explored in itself.

The priest here, Kelddath Ormlyr, buys one wyvern head for more than anyone else in the realm at 2000 GP. However, he does so only once

Cures Price GP
Cure Light Wounds 50
Dispel Magic 200
Remove Curse 500
Cure Serious Wounds 100
Slow Poison 150
Raise Dead 1000

Sells Price GP
Potion of Healing 90
Elixir of Health 300
Antidote 120
Stone to Flesh Scroll 180



Bassilus the MurdererEdit

Keldath has put a large bounty out for the death of the mad priest of Cyric, Bassilus, and the retrieval of his holy symbol as proof.