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Soultaker Dagger
Soultaker Dagger
Item value 2000 GP
Weight 1 lbs.
Combat type Melee
Proficiency Type Small swords in Baldur's Gate. Daggers in Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition.
Handing 1-handed
Damage 1D4
Damage type Piercing
Speed 2
Minimum requirements
Strength 3
Other information
Appears in Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate EE.
Not usable by Cleric
Item Icon
Icon Soultaker Dagger

The Soultaker Dagger was used by Durlag Trollkiller to capture the soul of powerful demon by the name of Aec'Lecet many years ago. This dagger is a like normal dagger, when the properties of the weapon are compared, it only has a higher item value and a better look in BG:EE. Hurgan Stoneblade in Ulgoth's Beard Inn requests you to retrieve this dagger from Durlag's Tower in his subquest. This dagger is retrieved when the party reaches the lowest level of the dungeon and kills the Demonknight. When the dagger is brought to Ulgoth's Beard, the group will have an encounter with members of some cult. Nonetheless the outcome, the members of this cult will gain the dagger and revive the demon Aec'Letec, which you'll have to kill. This item appears in Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.

In-game descriptionEdit

This dagger weighs heavily in your hands, and is warm to the touch. Merely having it on your person makes you uneasy for some reason. The gem mounted in the hill seems to have some inner light of some sort, though how it can have such illuminations and still be so deathly black at its core, you do not know.

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